Sanctus Library - Procedural Material Library for Blender 3D

141 ratings
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Sanctus Library - Procedural Material Library for Blender 3D

141 ratings

The Ever-Growing Procedural Materials and Assets Library for Blender!

 Website: https://sanctuslibrary.xyz

 FREE monthly updates with new materials 

★Asset Browser Edition also included★
★More than 21.000 users★
★5 Star rating on Blender Market and Gumroad★
★Currently 375 high quality procedural materials. The list will keep growing every month★
★32 Shader Tools to create and modify your own materials★
★EASY BAKING Tool included★
★11 Geometry Nodes Generators and Tools★

last version v2.3 changelog: https://bit.ly/3zjxxNe

Geometry Nodes Assets and Tools

Geometry Nodes Assets and Tools have been added,
you can access them by switching from "Materials" to "GN Assets" on the main panel

375 High quality procedural materials

A huge collection of carefully crafted detailed procedural materials

New Geometry Nodes Generators

Barbed Wire
Twisted Cables
and more...

Easy baking tool included

This allows you to use the materials on other software like Unreal Engine and also use multiple
materials on a scene without slowing down the viewport.

Lots of adjustable parameters

Overlays are only for demonstration purposes, the controls are in the Node Groups

Easy to use

Not sure if this is for you? Try before you buy
Get the Lite version for  FREE  with 33 materials & 9 shader tools

Asset Browser Version

If you prefer not to install the addon you can use the Asset Browser Ready version

Other materials included in the Full version:

Check the full list of materials here

Author and Material Artist: Sanctus
Addon Developer: Kolupsy

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